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Borne Real

Vanilla Adore - Smells Like Cane Sugar and Vanilla

Vanilla Adore - Smells Like Cane Sugar and Vanilla

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  • Discover the perfect scent to match your every mood with Borne Real
  • Clean Burning Coconut wax 
  • Eco-conscious 

Vanilla adore - Notes of sugar cane and vanilla

Coconut wax candles offer a range of benefits over traditional paraffin candles. They burn cleaner and longer than paraffin, releasing less soot into the air. Additionally, they are produced with natural and renewable resources, making them a more sustainable choice. Coconut wax candles also hold a scent better than paraffin, making them a great choice for aromatherapy and home fragrance. Finally, they are a vegan-friendly choice. 

Vanilla has been used in aromatherapy for centuries as it is thought to be calming and soothing. We choose scents that will relax you in your home. 

Vanilla Adore is an exquisite and intimate scent, we call it the perfect Vanilla. With nuances of sugar cane and vanilla.

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